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Heartbleed Bug Security Threat Information

You may be hearing about this in the news and if you haven't you will.   To put it simply, Heartbleed is a security hole in a lot of websites that could allow data to be stolen. Web servers are being checked and patched if needed if their system was vulnerable. This is affecting a lot of major sites, such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and many more. Here is an article that talks about it in a fairly simple . . . read more

2013-14 Needs Assessment Results

In March all staff, parents and students (grades 5-12) completed a survey providing input on programming in the district.  The results have been compiled and the District Advisory Committee and administrators have analyzed the results to make improvements for next year.  The results can be found by clicking on the link provided. . . . read more

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Did you know there is a way to make sure you’re always in the know when it comes to daily  announcements and important news from your child's school? How?  Sign up to receive News Updates  On the left side of the front page of our web site, click on "Sign up for News Update" and select the Update/s you want to . . . read more

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